2022 is expected to experience a continuous change in digital marketing. Because digital marketing is a significant part of any small business globally, newer technological trends are emerging to perfectly shape the strategies that will effectively help companies reach their target audiences.  

Therefore, to remain relevant, you have to determine the right trends that will provide you with the most significant benefit. This article is for business owners and digital marketers wishing to completely understand what new technologies are used in marketing in 2022.

Internet of Behaviors 

Many business owners are more familiar with IoT a network that works by incorporating things that collects and also exchange things over a reliable internet. Similarly, IoB or Internet of Behaviors work by combining IoT with behavioral science and data analytics. 

What IoB simply tries to do is to make sense of human activities like buying products while following your favorite brands on different channels or social media sites. By applying IoB, telematics can track your driver’s violent or careless turns for your commercial vehicle. Later on, the information can be used to monitor the performance of the driver and where changes need to be uphold

Al-Based Automation 

2021 saw the rise of robots, perhaps not in the style that many are used to in science fiction cinemas. This contributed to a tremendous development in Al, with a significant number of companies already using Al-based automation to support their marketing approaches. 

Al is one of the big technologies associated with voice search and intelligent assistance. Chatbots are also becoming a popular choice among many websites. Al automation takes the hard task out of a marketing strategy, making it possible for the company to focus on other strategies that help in delivering a better customer care experience. 

With predictive analytics, Al also makes it possible for marketers to have a better understanding of their customers, leading to increased customer acquisitions. However, the goal here is to boost marketing efforts and not replace the human aspect. 

Voice Search

Each year, technology seems to get better. Voice recognition is also no different. Currently, voice search can boast a 95% accuracy score, almost the same with many humans. 

Currently, there are thousands of new voice-command systems being sold on a daily basis. If you haven’t taken the opportunity that comes with voice search, you are missing out on a great opportunity.  

Live Videos

Live videos are the next being thing, estimated to hit over 184.3 billion by 2027. Most people find live streaming more enjoyable as it gives the chance to have a real experience of the footage or even engage with the company’s experts live.

This technology also helps in boosting the business awareness. Lots of businesses have already ventured into this marketing technology, and you should also not be left out. 


Now is an excellent time to start planning your marketing strategy. 2022 being considered a year that most business stands to gain from new marketing trends, you can take this opportunity and use the above new marketing technologies. 

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