Every new concept has to make its way through the typical learning process before it becomes something we can consume and use. With this in mind, internet technologies came into existence through the advent of computers, smart-phones, and tablets. These devices propelled internet technologies from making their way into offices to our pockets! We now carry them wherever we go, whether at home or out of town.

Some may call them tools; some call them platforms, and some call them enablers. Many still don’t even understand the true definition of internet technologies. Internet technologies are being used in innumerable ways, causing more confusion than solutions. We hope to clarify the difference between internet technologies and unveil the ‘real’ power.

What is an Internet Technology?

Internet technology refers to how people use computers, smart-phones, and tablets to connect with other people and devices. These technologies can be divided into app platforms and web technologies.

App Platforms:

Web technologies are designed to work within a browser window or on mobile devices such as smart-phones, tablets, and even PCs that run web browsers. App platforms include HTML5, allowing app developers to create applications for smart-phones using JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5.

Web Technologies:

Web technologies include HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), JavaScript, JAVASCRIPT (JavaScript Object Notation) and AJAX. These technologies enable websites, which are used to display web pages in a browser window or on mobile devices such as smart-phones and tablets. They also allow developers to create applications for smart-phones and tablets.

How Internet Technologies Play an Important Role in our Lives?

Internet technologies play an essential role in our lives by enabling us to connect with people and devices worldwide. They also allow us to access information and services from anywhere with a web browser or mobile app. For example, you can use a web browser on your computer to visit websites hosted on the Internet. You can also use a web browser on your smart-phone or tablet to visit websites hosted on the Internet. Web technologies allow us to access information quickly and easily.

Internet technology helps you do many things, including shopping online, checking your bank account balance, sending and receiving emails, and making payments online.

Suppose you want to buy a book at the bookstore. You can either wait for someone else to finish looking at that particular book, or you can use your web browser on your computer and type in the title of this book into Google Search Engine and the search engine will take you to the page where this book is listed. After that, all you have to do is click on the link and buy it online.


The Internet has revolutionized our lives. The world would be a very different place if it were not created. It has allowed us to communicate with people around the globe in instant, access information from any location of the earth at any time that we choose, and share ideas and thoughts with millions of people instantly. It also allows us to participate in global debates that would not be possible without the Internet!

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